State support of business-initiatives

     The following business-projects were considered in the meeting: PE “Lobacheva T.G.”, “KazECOS” LP, “Pavlodar Plant of Pipeline Valves” LP, “Pavlodarmilk” JSC, “Trans Cargo Kazakhstan” LP, farm “Daneker” LP, “AgroService-Akku” LP. On the whole, businessmen of the region planned to develop livestock sector, produce metal goods and foodstuff. For support of business initiatives in the first direction of “Business Road Map-2020” over 130 applications to the sum of KZ 30 bln were sent to the banks for consideration. The business-program for development of tourist infrastructure of the recreation area Jasybay in Bayanaul area was discussed in the meeting as well. The total sum of the project was KZ 50.7 mln including credits – KZ 15 mln. The funds were directed to construction of additional nonresidential houses in the recreation area. The members of the committee supported all seven projects, presented in the meeting. Within the government program “Business Road Map-2020” businessmen were offered to study in Nazarbayev University, exchange experience abroad. In whole, it was expected to allocate KZ 45 mln to improve professional skills of businessmen of the region.


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