Road policemen have released Russians from a frosty captivity

Road policemen have helped citizens of the Russian Federation. There cargo motor vehicle "Mercedes" was technically faulty from strong frosts, the press-service of regional department of internal affairs informs.
On 52 kilometer of a highway "Astana-Petropavlovsk" near the country Lesnoye of Akkajynsky district the attention of inspectors of traffic police of the North Kazakhstan has involved by the cargo motor vehicle "Mercedes". It has appeared that the gasoline has frozen in the car, therefore it became impossible to maintain transport. It was necessary to tow off the car to the regional center. Policemen have found habitation for Russians that they could wait, there will not arrive yet transport for the further transportation of "Mercedes".
The driver Alexander Revin thanked for the help and said,- «We are engaged in transportations not the first year and are pleasantly surprised of employees of traffic police».


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