«The world in which I live»

     The special place in a collection of the photographer is occupied with plots with coal subjects: cuts, technics for coal mining and coal miners. The whole cycle of works is devoted portrait photos. From them persons of usual people, but works, thanks to original vision of the photographer look, are unusual. However, as well as all other exhibits of photo-exhibition. The pictorialist constantly is in searches unusual in the daily. Thanks to it on light there are not simply photos, and products of arts. Admire them judges of the fine can till January, 26th. Anatoly Butyrina's works can be seen on pages of various editions. The photographer considers as the important achievement the publication in popular glossy magazine "DigitalPhoto" of a picture under the name «Kempir тас», made it on Zhasybae. The photographer is the active participant and the numerous prize-winner of various competitions. In 2007 it became owner Gran-pri and a gold figurine at the international photocompetition «Gold turtle» in a nomination «Our planet» and has been awarded by the diploma of the cultural project «My Native land - Kazakhstan». Anatoly Butyrina's works were repeatedly exposed on the international, regional and city photo-exhibitions.


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