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In Aktobe will children's educational center "Geniuses and clever" entertainment complex "Captain Brig" and the new building of the city registrar. The last two objects will be presented later this year.
Yesterday, Mayor of Archimedes Muhambetov and Akim Nurmukhambet Abdibekov inspected progress of construction of these facilities.
Children's Educational Center "Geniuses and clever," erected on the avenue Sankibay batir. Initiator of the project - Rehabilitation Center "Akbobek." According to his representative Turniyazovoy Alia, the construction of subsidized under the program "Business Road Map to 2020" through the Business Development Fund "Damu". The estimated cost of more than 705 million tenge.
- The four-storey building with total area of 7300 square meters will operate a kindergarten for 372 seats, 300 club visits. Additionally, there are a wellness center, a studio of aesthetic education, a club for busy parents, a huge swimming pool, winter garden, large groups of 80 square meters, sensory room, a sports area. In general, for the kids here are all the conditions, - told Alia Turniyazova.
At present, the object is completed by 85 percent, supplied with gas, commissioned boiler. We are carrying out interior decoration work. Education Center will open its doors to Aktobe Kids in February next year.
Payment, according to Alia Turniyazovoy will vary in the range of 40 thousand tenge. Guidance Center hopes that the local budget will assume the costs.
- If 15 000 compensates for the state, the remaining 25 000 will pay parents - invited the representative of "Akbobeka."
- Expensive. It is necessary to calculate the costs. Payment must be real, - said Archimedes Muhambetov and requested to revise the amount of payment.
At the stage of completion of construction of "Captain Brig." As is known, the construction of the recreation center and entertainment began in March 2010. The project cost is $ 10 million. Installation work of children's rides and landscaping were completed last year. That's it end of the construction of a covered pavilion. In the near future will begin to operate a cafe, game machines. Installation of extreme rides will be made as early as next year.
Until the end of the year will be put into operation a new building and the registrar. True, there still will be present only a birth certificate. In full it will start after the second phase of the project next year.
After inspecting the building and gave some instructions to the contractor LLP "Batyskapstroy" Archimedes Begezhanovich summarized.
- As you know, in the regional center, there are problems with pre-school institutions. Building Center "Geniuses and clever" is built through private investment. There are good conditions for raising children.
Two years ago we landscaped park of the First President. Now at the expense of private investment, built a large entertainment complex. In the summer of 2012 will be installed rides European quality, and it will work all year round.
The first stage of the building registry office. The next year, will build two large halls of 200 and 150 square meters. For these purposes requires 200 million tenge, - concluded the head of the region.



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