Fires on a New Year tree were lit

Snowflakes also have taken part in ceremony of ignition of fires on a fur-tree Father Frost, Zimushka-winter, a symbol of New year the Dragon and its predecessor the Rabbit.

For the townspeople who have come for a holiday, small representation after which there was a long-awaited event - ignition of fires has been prepared. Acted Akim of area of Baktykozha Izmuhambetov has brought some results of year, having reminded that in its beginning all Kazakhstan participated in preparation for Aziade, and in end - marks the 20 anniversary of Independence of the country. Head of area has congratulated all западноказахстанцев on this holiday, and also with coming New year.

- By tradition in December of passing year we light fires of the main New Year tree of our area. Let new 2012 will bring to us the new successes, new pleasures. With coming New year you, expensive! - B.Izmuhambetov has told.

This year on the area the artificial New Year tree for the first time has been established. It is made, according to the chief of city department of culture of Sajrana Dujsentegi, was intend, from ecological reasons. The main celebratory fur-tree was always made of several trees that caused the big damage to the edge nature. Therefore this year the decision not to cut wood beauties was accepted, and to please townspeople with a symbol of New year from artificial materials. As pleasures to kiddies they will bring not less.

That fact is symbolical also that the height of the main fur-tree makes 20 meters that, according to the chief of department of culture, is devoted the 20 anniversary of Independence of our country.

The fur-tree on the area of Abaja becomes not unique in a city. Also eternally green trees will be established in all поселковых districts, in culture park, near Broadcasting Company "Shouted" and on the area near the station. But their height is more modest - 10 meters.


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