Let the best man win

Let the best man win

The second day of the anniversary celebration of the city began with the passage of Shemonaikha columns counties and cities on the racetrack. In the decorated banners, slogans, balloons and flowers were Collons honored veterans, farm workers, the best representatives of labor collectives, public authorities, the master of sports and young athletes.

Shemonaikha people and all the guests congratulated on his birthday, which fell to the year of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the district mayor T. Tokhtarov .- "Our district came in first place in the following harvest, said Amangeldy Zhamelovich-,-I thank all the leaders , employees of agricultural enterprises for your hard work. "remembered a kind word for labor veterans, who continue to remain in service, taking active part in public life, thereby giving a positive example for young people and making a valuable contribution to the development of the area.

The Ward has expressed gratitude to the organizers of the festival at the Hippodrome, and wished the participants: "Let's play!".

Regular horse-racing event gathered representatives of the true lovers of the world fauna at the racetrack on the day of the city. The initiator and responsible for the competition was director of "Vostokselhozprodukt" AS Glushkov. Sponsors of the competition were made by the district and regional agricultural enterprises. Prize pool of more than 3.5 million tenge, the main prize was a car-VAZ-2115 "Lada". There were seven races. For the first time took part in a pony, their distance was the shortest winner of -750 meters and it was the pet of the CS "Lazarev" with. Novo Shulba.

Got a racehorse race: 1600 and 4000 meters. And in that, and in other ranges defeated party at number 22, (a horse owner Robert Schwencke Prijs). In Kuhn became the first party baiga under number 95 (the owner of the horse AS Glushkov), in the races at two and a half mile horse won ustkamenogorskogo LP "Titan", a five-kilometer-zharys Jorge first came to the finish line party at number 96 (the owner of the horse A. Jumagulov). In the very long run - alaman-baiga -14 km, the first horse was TOO "Irtysh Tanura plus" (director I. Naumbetov), driven by participant number 75. The main prize, a car, went to the winners of the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk.


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