Regional department on internal affairs marked Semei city policemen for skillful deeds.

According to the press-service of department on Internal affairs of the city, a raw of cases was opened on the hot traces owing to the fast activity of policemen. A month ago on the 16th of January, 4 teenagers made an attempt of armed robbery on the shop on the Aimautov street where shop owner was wounded. Owing to the fast actions of policemen of patrol-duty police battalion, crimes were arrested during an hour after the event.
In the solemn air 6 marked policemen get premium in the size of 50 thousand tenge to each person with the order of the head of the department on internal affairs of the East Kazakhstan region. Another 2 policemen were marked with the Semei city department on the Internal affairs director’s Grateful certificate – for they detained a person who threatening with a knife use made an attempt to rubber the flower pavilion.


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