The Center of Modern Art «Kulanshy»


Palace of Peace and Accord (Pyramid, 6 floor) Tauelsizdik str, 57, Astana, Kazakhstan

ph: (7172) 744 717

Herds of wild horses — koulans wander in the vast Kazakh steppes. And there is nothing more precious for them in this world than their freedom! Steppe, horizon and wind are three components of happiness for koulans. The sun has gilt their backs, the steppe has fed with a prickly grass, salty lakes and rivers have given water to drink, wind has combed their disobedient manes. Koulans are very difficult to tame. It is impossible to catch them up. And it is even more difficult to force them to go under a saddle. These steppe Pegasi…

The Center of Modern Art «Kulanshy» represents a modern gallery of fine arts in the Palace of Peace and Concord of Astana («PYRAMIDE» TheprojectofNormanFoster). On 880 square meters of our gallery there is a constantly operating hall of lithography where works of Salvador Dali, Mark Shagal, Pablo Picasso, and also of modern masters of lithography from Germany, the Great Britain and Poland are presented.

In the constant exposition of the Center of Modern Art «Kulanshy» picturesque works of known artists from Portugal, Turkey, Germany and Kazakhstan are displayed.

The Center of Modern Art «Kulanshy» holds exhibitions of Kazakhstan and foreign artists, and is also engaged in popularization of Kazakhstan modern art abroad.

Studios of fine arts for adults and children are operating in the center. Persons interested can receive knowledge and skills on drawing, painting and composition.

Master-classes held on a regular basis in the Center of Modern Art «Kulanshy» have a wide popularity among students and young artists of the city of Astana.

In cooperation with the Welfare fund «Bayta» the Center of Modern Art «Kulanshy» actively supports children creativity and sponsors annual competitions of children drawing «Tugan Zherim».

In 2007 on results of the competition artists of the InternationalArtClubKulanshi paid for annual training of four talented children from low income families at the Art School of the city of Astana and bought art materials necessary for study. The center of Modern Art «Kulanshy» holds creative meetings with artists, lectures and seminars on modern art and arts and crafts of Kazakhstan.


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