Kuljabayeva street,8

ph: 8726243-82-21

You'll be met by caravan from sculpture of national style,and hero of east legend Hodja Nasreddin, and you couldn't take your glance from the heavenly.
Horist with the sound of singing birds for You! The large hall of the restaurant which count on 185 seat places. The beautiful cupola likes a night heavons with the shining stars, cilso stylish lighbiyo of hall supplement made biled east of style mosaic.
You'll be amazed by service personalized nitchenware, and unigue european national foods,by the head of famous cook Zakirov Tokhtasyn Shakirovych, service of high gyuality.
The complex also consists from summer plat form on the bank of the river which count on 150 seat places, the platform consists of three arbour, two from those are unsulated. The restourant has smart styled arbours by national style, which consist from live cells, and beautiful cage with exotic birds and a couple of small fawns.
You're also will be amozed by courteous personnel in national uzbek's attire!
Only in our restourant you may baste the best uzbek pilaff, delicious shashlik from a lot of sorts of meat. Our cooks offer to you their outh diskes for the every investigat gourmet.
The security agence will look for safety of our guests. Also videocamera and auto-park which give to you apportunitics to forget about safeby of your cars.


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