Tavern Medved


пр.Н.Абдирова, 30В.

ph: +7 7212 518 920, 513 439

In the decoration of the hall attributes of Russian culture are used: samovars, balalaikas and many things which give the impression of originality of slavic culture, cosy home atmosphere is created for guests.

Though there is some theatricality of an interior, there is also the spirit of authenticity of Russian rooms and halls - and delicious and nourishing meal supports this sensation. Halls, both big and small, like rooms in an apartment house, are located on two floors with waiters bustling about, up and down the narrow ladder.

However, the main thing is still that the house has kept original colour of the past centuries, the spirit of cosiness is in the air, inherent in log-houses - and the lived-in home environment which have absorbed history of many generations.

Having gone down from a carved porch, you can go into an internal courtyard where there are wooden letticed arbours. Legendary richness of the Russian cuisine, healthy products and the reasonable prices – these are the major principles of our work. The tavern "Medved" not only reproduces the menu of Russian monarchs and simple peasants, but also corresponds to an ancient way of life: seasonal prevalence, and an orthodox calendar, and church fasts are taken into considerarion.

In winter you can try a jellied fish, home-made aspic (jellied minced meat) and dainties, a boyar stchi (Russian sourcrout soup with ceps, stewed in a pot under toasted bun) - in short, everything that sates in cold winter days.
In spring, okroshka, borsch with early vegetables, green stchi (Russian cabbage soup with sorrel), young potatoes in oil with fragrant dill will improve your appetite and put you in good spirits. We prepare freshening kvass and berry waters by ourselves.

The autumn - is the time for the hunting game menu. Regardless of a season outdoors, in the tavern "Medved" we serve Russian pelmeni, toasted blini (pancakes and fritters), soups, fish soup with small pies, various solyankas (dish of stewed meat and cabbage with spices), all sorts of fish, meat and game dishes. The tea here is drinked in Russian way: from a samovar, with rich bread-rings, house jam, honey, piping hot pies with different stuffings. Affable, considerate waiters will provide you with hearty welcome and fast service.


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