Kostanay Museum of Regional Studies and History


115, Altynsarin street, Kostanay

ph: 8 (7142) 50-11-13, 50-10-23 , 50-03-89

GU “Museum of regional studies and history” Administration of Culture of Akimat of Kostanay oblast.

Адрес: Kostanay, Altynsrin str. 115, tel.: 50-11-13, fax: 50-10-23; e-mail: obl_muzey@mail. ru
Director: Akimbayeva Umut Blambekovna
“Museum of regional studies and history” of Kostanay Oblast is the scientific, cultural and leisure organization, at the same time it is the methodological centre of region. Museum has its branches in posyolok Borovskoe, Mendykara district, and in Jitikara city with the sector in posyolok Tohtarovo, Jitikara district.
The museum was opened on the 1st of August in 1915. In 1925 was started the collection of weapons and foto and documents regarding revolution and civil war in the region. From July of 1936 year the museum got the status of the museum of oblast, carries the active exhibition work. Intensive studies of region by the scientists, regional lore scientists, geologists, archaeologists gave the base for systematic fond collections.
In 2006 – 2008 years the scale archaeological studies of region recommenced. From the beginning of ХХІ century one of the main features of the cultural and educational activities of the museum became the development of innovational museum projects, special interactive programs for adults and children, based on the music, poetry, folklore. Special attention is given to the rights of the visitor to display freedom and art an the museum.
The main divisions of the modern exhibition of the museum are: archaeology hall «Ancient history of region», paleontology hall «The live past of Earth» (opened in 2008year), halls: «Nature treasures of Kostanay region», « History of native land», «Culture and life of regions folks», « Foundation of Kostanay city», « The history of Kostanay region», «Kostanay region in years of World War II» (two halls), «Pride of Kostanay» (opened in 2008 year), and the exhibition hall of the museum.


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