Party Pizza


г.Павлодар, ул. Ак. Чокина, 42

ph: 7 (7182) 47-54-42

We live during such time when rate of a modern life is extraordinary high, when streams of the information, advertising, teleserials and every possible talk shows have exceeded all conceivable and not conceivable limits. And nevertheless... Always it is possible to find a corner of that house cosiness and comfort, calmness and philosophical reflexions, pleasure and harmony which you right now so does not suffice in the named institution.

Dairy cocktails (more than 15 kinds), Spirits cocktails in assortment, Beer and alcoholic drinks in wide assortment
Pn.-Pt. From 12.00 till - the discount for the basic menu - 20 %
Пн. - Pt. From 15.00 till - the discount for beer - 20 %
Sb-Vs. From 10.00 till - the discount for dairy cocktails - 30 %
At the order of any pizza - a portion of a potato фри it is free

ДОСТАВКАДоставка on the house and in офис:Пицца; Salads; Cold dishes (snack); Paste; Hot dishes; Drinks; Beer and snack to beer; Alcoholic drinks



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