Johnnie Walker


Bukhar Zhyrau ave, 36

ph: +7 (7212) 41-19-08

The interior of this wonderful restaurant is classic Scottish style. His eyes run up on many items and details. All the rich Scottish tradition. Even the waiters are dressed in true Scottish national costume. Guys in kilts (traditional Scottish kilts) with waist bags. Sounds nice melody. The hall is surrounded near the ceiling of a narrow wooden shelf with a rich collection of alcohol. And the ceiling hung with Scottish flags. On the walls of many paintings and photographs, mainly relating to the history and the family of the Johnnie Walker - King of whiskey. Many paintings and in VIP-halls, where there are large solid wooden table and chairs, and, of course, delight the eye with red checkered cloths and curtains. At this point you can feel like a member of the Scottish family.
And, of course - whiskey.
Would be considered all that exotic, time flies by unnoticed, and now the waiters ceremoniously served a huge portion of salad "Taqwa. Gorgeous "Salmon Steak" is prepared as follows: a piece of fish baked in the oven, top generously poured sauce mousse line "and then the fish is fried on a grill. For dessert, choose a fine classical Italian Tiramisu made from mild cheese, cream and amaretto. You can try, made by the old Viennese recipe, apple strudel with nuts and raisins.
This wonderful kitchen can not leave anyone indifferent.
We accept orders for parties (20-30 people).
Loyalty - a funded system discount.


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