East Kazakhstan regional drama theater named after F. Dostoevsky, Semei city


Abai square, 6.

ph: 8 (7222) 56-34-68, 56-27-23, 56-37-04

Dostoevsky’s name was given to the theater in 1975, in 1977 it became regional drama theater. In 1930-s - A. Afinogenov’s play «Dalekoe», V. Gusev’s, «Fame», A. Ostrovsky’s «Beneficial place», E. Lessing’s «Emilia Galotti» were staged in the theater. That time was the beginning of creation career of I. Zagvozdkin, E. Orel, N. Baturin etc. During the World War two a lot of actors went to front, the rest group performed K.Simonov’s plays «A guy from our village» & «Story of one love». Then the repertoire was filled with M. Rasputin’s «Live and remember», A. Petrashkevich’s «Anxiety», A. Chekhov’s «A gull», W. Shakespeare’s «Romeo & Juliette» and so on.
Director - Gorelnikov Jacob
Ticket cost in 2005- 2006 Season opening, premieres:
1-9 raw-250 tenge
10-14 raw - 200 tenge
15-16 raw - 180 tenge
Plays for kids - 120 tenge
Evening spectacles:
1-4 raw - 200 tenge
5-9 raw - 180 tenge:
10-16 raw - 150 tenge
Special spectacles for schools, colleges - 150 tenge.
Small hall - 150 tenge.


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