Regional philharmonic


22, Ruzaeva street

ph: +7 (7152) 460-108, 462-343

7 active artistic bands work in the philharmonic. They are: “Kyzyl - zhar” folk music ensemble – conductor S. Isakov; “Esil” kazakh folk instruments orchestra – conductor M. Zhakupov; the pop and jazz music orchestra – conductor T. Bryukhanov; “Ademau” kazakh dance ensemble – conductor R. Suchkova; the chamber choir conducted by honoured culture personality V. Kardashov and the symphonic orchestra – conductor S. Imashbaev. In the end of the year the folklore ensemble conducted by S. Sabitov was created.
Our respected viewer!
Welcome to the concerts of North Kazakhstan regional philharmonic!
Life of every professional band is relentless creating and self-improvement, repertoire analysis from the vantage point of the present. From this viewpoint one should review the programs of the philharmonic bands.
Today our repertoire includes compositions of native and foreign composers – classics, folk songs, jazz improvisations, songs and music of contemporary authors.
Concert programs carry a huge emotional charge and fill our hearts with the feeling of joy.


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