Regional Drama Theater of Stanislavsky


Bulvar Mira avenue, 19, Karaganda

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The history of Stanislavsky State Russian Drama Theatre is unique. It began in 1930 when itinerant theatre for agitational and cultural work among masses “The Animated newspaper” was formed. In 1932 it was reorganized into the itinerant theatre in Turksib political train structure. V. Portnov was the first theatre manager, head director and dramatist, later on Kazakhstan Meritorious Art Worker. The company travelled by three carriages, actors lived in one of its, two others were used for properties keeping and rehearsals. They staged sketches, scenes, literary compositions and began to rehears plays by Soviet dramatists and Russian and West European classics under Portnov’s guidance. When in 1935 the company changed the three carriages for theatre building in Kustanay, plays by W. Shakespeare, A. Ostrovsky, A. Afinogenov were in the repertoire. In 1936 theatre was renamed into Karaganda Regional Russian Drama Theatre and was sent to Pribalkhashstroy. In 1937 being theatre manager V. Portnov passed art management to K. Raush, who was deport from Leningrad. K. Raush heightened the professional level of company, enlarged repertoire adding names of B. Shaw, J. B. Moliere, L. Tolstoy, P. A. Beaumarchais and others classic playwrights. In 1940 theatre was transferred to Karaganda. The company celebrated the first jubilee by “Hamlet” staging. Twenty company members became volunteers during the first days of The Great Patriotic War. The concert team was formed at the theatre in order to perform for Baltic front men. Some Moscow and Kiev theatres were evacuated to Karaganda, and Karaganda theatre was transferred to Balkhash since Miners Culture Palace construction termination in 1951. The company justified the name “itinerant theatre” as usual. In 1962 the theatre celebrated the house-warming at the building placed at Mir boulevard. In 1963 theatre was given Stanislavsky name by Ministry Council of Kazakhstan decree because of fruitful theatrical activity. In 1960s – 1970s followed directors were at the head of the company: Kazakhstan Honoured Artist A. Podobed, G. Zhezmer, Kazakhstan Peoples’s Artist R. Andriasyan, M. Zilberman. During that period the theatre performances became republic competition laureates repeatedly. That time was distinguished by extensive tours (Alma-Ata, Omsk, Poltava, Frunze, Novosibirsk, Pavlodar, Irkutsk et al). Moscow tour of 1979 became the special success. The dramatists V. Rozov, A. Arbuzov, V. Tendryakov visited performances upon their plays staged by head director N. Volozhanin, Kazakhstan Meritorious Art Worker, and appreciated them. In 1981 theatre was rewarded for order of Peoples Friendship. In 1986 – 2006 RK Meritorious Worker G. Oganesyan was the head director. The talented actors always were the main theatre value. Kazakhstan People’s Artists V. Karavayev, A. Demidova, V. Korniyenko, V. Borisov, Kazakhstan Honoured Artists K. Raush, Z. Goreva, G. Podzolkin, N. Belkin, I. Kalachanov, I. Koshelev, T. Zelenin, T. Davydova, V. Makush, D. Belov, L. Spassky, A. Zimareva , A. Grigorov, Russia Peoples Artist A. Buldakov, Russia Honoured Artict N. Mikryukova worked at Karaganda theatre in various years. Now RK Honoured Artist N. Shtokolova, leading actors T. Fedorenko, I. Nemtsev, I. Gorodkova, L. Pekusheva, A. Kochemaskin, V. Zlobin, G. Turchina are theatre pride. The name of Kazakhstan Peoples Artist V. Borisov is written at theatre history especially. He was the theatre manager and art manager in 1961 – 1997 and brought the great contribution to theatre development. In 1997 – 2005 G. Oganesyan was theatre manager and head director at the same time. Now J. Abiltayev is theatre manager. Many of talented painters worked at the theatre. They were Kazakhstan Honoured Artist N. Belkin, A. Almazov, D. Krein, A. Shcherbina, V. Vilchinsky, Yu. Nazarov, P. Tomilovsky, O. Pisarenko. Last years the theatre successfully collaborates with the famous directors of Kazakhstan and Russia: Kazakhstan Meritorious Workers A. Orazbekov and I. Gonopolsky, Russia Meritorious Art Worker D. Gornik et al. The company three times won grand-prix of the festival “Theatre by children eyes”. Kazakhstan Honoured Artists A. Grigorov, N. Shtokolova, actors A. Kochemaskin, G. Turchina, I. Nemtsev, artist I. Rechensky became the laureates of Karaganda region akim reward. In 2008 the company successfully toured in Russia (Omsk). In 2010 staged at the theatre performance “Don’t leave me…” by A. Dudarev got the Republic festival diploma. The theatre always lived up to interests of the people and country, told from the stage about agitated things. Now theatre has bright, full of events and achievements history and new search and discoveries in future.


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