Restaurant Zhetisu


Satpaev, 60

ph: +7 (7212) 564-545

According to ancient legends and songs Kazakh akyns, there is edge-dream, Kazakh land "Zheticu." In the land that never wars, disease and hunger. Each reached this beautiful land will find shelter, a feast, full of dishes, as well as the rest, and it must meet a friendly and hospitable, besides offer to stay in a blessed place for all. Zhetisu - one of the incomparable gems of the Kazakh land. This land is not for nothing called the "golden cradle". This is a beautiful and unique edge. Also Zhetisu can be called "golden cradle" for the reason that its nature is favorable for the development of all living beings and the earth is different fertility. Since time immemorial, the land Zhetisu known for its unique nature.


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