Le Bam - Boo


Ermekov street, 35

ph: +7 (7212) 436-474

 Speaking about the restaurant "Le Bam-Boo," remembers not only the quality of food and service. Most visitors remember prevailing in the restaurant atmosphere of coziness, conviviality, and exotics. Plunging into the atmosphere of the restaurant, you feel free and relaxed. Interior design - is the whole composition, where all elements of decoration work in the same direction, creating a uniform style, a particular mood. Particularly refined interior give residents living overseas countries: strange fish, turtles, parrots. It does not cease to cast a spell scurrying under the feet of unusual fish in the aquarium, which is like a stream, runs through the entire hall. Ecstasize to find in large groves of palm trees talking parrots. For hours you can watch the sea turtles, and rare predatory fish.


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