Akmolinsky regional Kazakh is musical-drama theatre Sh.Khusainova


Auezova street, 216

ph: (7162) 25-43-10, 40-10-08

The usual Akmolinsky regional Kazakh is musical-drama theatre has opened the curtain on March, 6th, 1996 performance «Akan sere - Аkтоkтy». The director - honoured worker RК Jakyp of Lobsters.
Young graduates of 1995 of academy of arts of name Temirbek Jurgenov were actors of theatre.
In September, 2001 at the international festival in Egypt the troupe has won one of five prize-winning awards, this worthy performance became the certificate of their high professional skill.
Arrival to collective of theatre of the known artist, the winner of the state award of Murat Maksuta, has brought the powerful contribution to theatre formation.
On March, 6th, 2006 the theatre has noted the 10 summer anniversary.
In this connection actors of theatre of Z.Kaldarov, T.Konbaj, Z.Kusainova, K.Kalkataev, A.Zhunusova, K.Murzaboltaov have been awarded ranks of Art worker РК.
Following actors: B.Imangazinov, M.Bokeshova, E.Mustanov, G.Zhakilina, Z.Arzymbetova have been awarded by certificates of honour of the Ministry of culture.
From November, 7 till November, 13th, 2007 the theatre collective was in tour in the Chinese National Republic. Masters of our theatre accepted and spectators of 4 areas and in the regional centre of Ilijsky Kazakh autonomous region have adequately estimated. It is a trip it has been organised in connection with a year of Kazakhstan in the Peoples Republic of China. With open arms, the big hospitality and friendliness has accepted theatre collective the regional heads.
In theatrical repertoire about 60-statements. It is necessary to note a variety of statements, among which and A.Kamju's classical products «Kalligula», A.Orazbekov's drama products «Bir tup alma agashy», O.Bokej «Atau kere».


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