Russian Drama Theatre named after Gorky


11, Zheltoksan street, Astana

ph: 7(7172) 32 40 53

Russian Drama Theater named after M. Gorky


Initially, in the late XIXth century, the building was started to be constructed as a gymnasium (school). At that time it was a two-storey building made of red brick with interesting and archetypal architecture.

It has undergone many reconstructions (1958, 1976, 1999). The theater had troubles with fire safety: the building burned twice. During the reconstruction, the third floor was built. Also, a stage box was built with a grate on the roof of the left wing, an extension to the courtyard facade was made. A new architectural solution, despite the desire for utilitarianism, gave the building a kind of grace. At the same time, the architectural elements of the early facades were preserved as much as possible.

Now the three-story brick building of the theater is a model of architecture of XIX century classical style. In 1899, the city's Administration and the merchant-philanthropist Kubrin allocated 100 rubles for the purchase of the theater building, and finally, the theatre received the official status and its home. The first theatrical season was opened by vaudeville "Flash at the hearth" in one act written by Fedorov. And in 1913 the Tatar troupe of G. Aubakirov began to work in the theatre. Many wonderful performances were staged there. It is here that Saken Seifullin put his play "Bakyt zholynda" with a help of Kazakh youth, and then many other drama works. The theater has gained popularity in the region and beyond. Since 1959 the theater has become known as Maxim Gorky Theatre, and in 1961 it has been given the status of the Tselinny Krayevoy Theatre.

Repeatedly for its long history, the theater was awarded various diplomas and awards. The theater is a member of the Association of Russian Theaters, created on the initiative of the Center for Supporting Russian Theaters Abroad under the STD of Moscow.

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