«The South Kazakhstan regional Russian drama theatre»


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The first Russian theatrical season has begun in Chimkent on November, 1st, 1929. With management of the entertainment enterprises of Syr-Darya district installation has been accepted to provide spiritual needs of an arising Russian diaspora in the south of Kazakhstan by its familiarizing with a theatrical art. For display of the present following themes have been chosen: history of revolutionary movement, class struggle in the East, a life and a life of Red Army and fleet, construction of a new life, struggle against narrow-mindedness, classical plays. The art director and the main director of theatre became Раздолин M., and a post of the manager Would borrow Сибирин Century.

During Great Domestic War Chimkent has accepted the evacuated inhabitants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. The quantity of the Russian-speaking population is sharp возрасло. Therefore on May, 8th, 1944 the decision « About creation of regional Russian drama theatre » was accepted. The management Russian and Kazakh theatres has been assigned to director Bereshchuka and art director Nasonov.

The letter of the former worker of theatre of M. of S.Kudryavtsev has been found in fund of regional management of culture that in 1949 Russian drama theatre has been transferred in a Uralsk, then has returned as theatre of a musical comedy.

The rebirth of theatre considers 1958, when the pupil of Small theatre N. D.Medvedev has generated the Chimkent troupe from graduates of the Moscow and Leningrad theatrical high schools. In same to a year the decision on the statement of the project on construction of a building of theatre in city on September, 17th was accepted. Construction has been begun in March, 1965 and finished in October, 1967.

With a view of maintenance of the further growth of skill and creative activity by the order of the Chimkent regional management of culture division of the regional incorporated theatre of a drama on Kazakh and Russian on November, 15th, 1967 has been made.


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