Old Englishman


Lermontov str., 44

ph: +7 (7182) 770-6 77

"Old Englishman" is known in Pavlodar city for its hospitality. Here are glad for each guest, and even if you come to us for the first time, you will be welcomed as a good old friend. In our pub is always sold out. The choice of beer is diverse - from traditional varieties of your favorite domestic beer to strange marks this ale. Even the most exacting guest will be surprised by such a variety. In bar map restaurant also provides a wide range of whiskeys and other liquors, wines and cocktails. Pub-restaurant «Old Englishman» is pleased to offer you the best dishes of European cuisine, large variety of alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as impeccable service, combined with a pleasant atmosphere that allows you to spend the most unforgettable nights in our restaurant.

Old Englishman - the first in a pub-restaurant, offering residents of Pavlodar a unique opportunity to simultaneously satisfy their culinary cravings and daily need for communication! Huge selection of food, beer and snacks.
Pizza - preparing to directly on your eyes - all this fascinates and captivates. We have comfortable, spacious, easily and naturally. Tasty, inexpensive and pleasant.
Business Lunch
Every day from Monday to Friday from 12.30 to 14.30 - business lunch in the format "Swedish table".
This has not happened! Large assortment of dishes and drinks - all for 900 KZT. All-inclusive and unlimited.
Sunday Brunch
Every Sunday from 12.00 to 16.00 in the pub - the restaurant «Old Englishman» - Sunday brunch!
Only for you a huge selection of special dishes of European cuisine, meat and fish dishes, spicy salads, delicious desserts and beverages in the best traditions of a buffet and in unlimited quantities.
Sunday Brunch
When the weekend is not pleased with the good weather, and did not occur to the idea of an interesting pastime, make a small holiday - visit our Sunday brunch.
Comfortable atmosphere of our restaurant and charming live music create an atmosphere of celebration and entertainment program for children will not leave indifferent any parent.
* Price - 2000 tenge.
(The fee includes all meals brunch menu and unlimited drinks)
* Children under 5 years - free of charge,
* With 5-to 10-years - 50% discount
* From 10 to 12 years old 25% discount
For young gourmets - tasty treats, surprises and gifts from the restaurant.
Every night from Wednesday to Saturday for you live music from your favorite bands: «Sunrise», Crocodile »and« Live Sound ».
From Sunday to Wednesday working for you DJ Djan
Hookah bar
For the first time in the city - a real pipe tobacco.
Only in the restaurant «Old Englishman» You can enjoy this Syrian hookah. And now this Arab tobacco!
For the first time in the city - a real pipe bar. Only for real fans of the true taste of tobacco and aesthetes.
Try a special kind of water pipe for fresh fruit - the technology of preparation, which anciently was kept secret, and passed on from generation to generation, revealing the professionalism kalyanschikov. This hookah is often called a living, as well as the taste of fruit is constantly changing as raskurivaniya hookah, becoming more and more saturated.
Tea ceremony
Every day from 15:00 to 19:00 according to the old British tradition - the famous tea ceremony.
Only here you can enjoy delicious flavored teas and coffee, prepared on the tour.


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