Volodarskiy str., 7/1

ph: +7 (7182) 555-435, 555-240

"BeerHana" beer restaurant Chosen as a venue for recreation beer restaurant "BeerHana", you'll realize why this place is taken as a starting point of your best time. On weekends in the BeerHane "glad to see your entire family, especially for children on Sundays, the program works," Happy Sunday "- all sorts of children's entertainment with clowns, drawing lessons from a professional artist for the prize of the restaurant BeerHana" and a special children's menu.

Beer restaurant "BeerHana" for you, if
- Do you appreciate a truly high-quality beer. You will be asked about the top 30 popular varieties of Belgian, German, Russia and domestic beer.

- You are a gourmet and would like to try the traditional dishes of European and national cuisine

- Special offer - dishes on the barbecue. This juicy kebabs, chicken barbecue, tender salmon on the coals, as well as specialty dish on the grill "BeerHana.

In our restaurant we do not pay for entrance.


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