Republican German Drama Theater


Satpayev str. 64, Almaty

ph: 7(727) 246 97 13, 7(727) 275 41 10

  Republican German Drama Theater


Republican National German Drama Theater was created on Dec. 25, 1980 in Temirtau.

Playbill these years represented the works of German and Russian classics. Led the team while ES Arakelov. With the advent of a theater director Schmidt's classical repertoire greatly expand and enrich foreign classics, as well as children's musical performances.

In 1989, already under B. Atabayeva, the theater moved to Alma-Ata. But at the same time begins the mass migration of Germans to Germany, leaving the actors and other members of the theater.

Since 1993, the staff of the German drama theater, and much has changed in the last few years spent in the experiment, using alternative methods. Today the theater continues to experiment.


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