Kuzhamyarov Republican Uighur State Theater of Musical Comedy


Nauryzbai batyr str. 83, Almaty

ph: 7(727) 272 59 33, 7(727) 272 88 83



                   Kuzhamyarov Republican Uighur State Theater of Musical Comedy

In September 1934 in Almaty was opened Uyghur music and drama theatre, which became the center of this theatrical and musical culture of the Uighur people, the particle multinational theater republic.

 In his best performances of theater to create images of great social importance, people's characters strong, entering into the struggle for justice. They were heroic and romantic images Sadyr Pahlavan, Mahmoud Kuzhamyarova, Bilal Nasim, Abdullah Rozybakiev psychologically finely developed images Anarhan, Sanam, Ayhan, Amannisy, an ardent champion of truth - a laborer Sait Hapiz poet and courtier, soldier, Aisa.


In the theater, along with the works of Uighur authors put the work of Gorky, Shakespeare, Gogol, and Galdoni, Moliere, Pogodin Auezov Musrepov and many others.

In 2002, the theater opened the new season in the reconstructed building. At the gala presentation of the theater building was attended by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who appreciated the art of not only the Uighur theater, but for all peoples living in Kazakhstan, has called for an art first and foremost serves peace and international harmony, highlighting achievements of the republic during the period of independence, pressing problems that concern people.


Nowadays Uygur theater, which started the path with amateur art groups, reached a high level of professionalism and keep pace with a great army of theaters of our republic.



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