Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater. M. Auezov


Abai str.103, Almaty

ph: 7(727) 292 63 78, 7(727) 292 43 47


Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater. M. Auezov

 Kazakh Academic Drama Theater named M.Auezov organized in late 1925 in Kyzyl-Orda.

The theater opened on January 13, 1926 excerpt from the play «Enlik-Köbök» M.Auezov and a great concert.

 In 1928 the theatre was moved to Almaty.

Since 1937 the theater was awarded the academic title, and since 1961 - the name Auezov.

In the early years of the theater directors nominated from the actor's sphere: Shanin, Kozhamkulov, Dzhandarbekov. Above the creation of the first repertory worked writers Auezov, Seifullin, Mailin.In the early period of staged performances, reflecting the establishment of Soviet power: «Red Falcons» Seifullina, «Zarlyk» Uspanova and Uteulina, as well as the life of the old village, the pre-revolutionary life of the Kazakh people: «Karakoz», «Baybishe - Current» Auezov, «Marriage», «Sly Mullah» Mailin, «Malkambay» Erdanaeva, «Torsykbay», «Aidarbek», «Arkalyk-warrior» Shanina.

In 30-ies. Theater attracts professional directors (MG Nasonov), artists (K. Hodzhikov), proceed to setting challenging dramatic works: «Night peals» Auezov, «Amangeldy» Mailin and Musrepov.

At the root of the theater were masters of folk art and amateur art: K. Kuanyshpaev, S. Kozhamkulov, E. Umurzakov, K. Dzhandarbekov, K. Badir, J. Shanin, IA Baizakov, A. Kashaubae, K. Munaitpas, F. Ashkeeva , Z. Atabayeva, S. Baizakov, M. Shamova, J. Shanina et al.

Performances are in the Kazakh language, with simultaneous translation.


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