Musrepov Kazakh State Academic Theater of Children and Young


Ablai Khan str. 38, Almaty

ph: 7(727) 271 38 06


Musrepov Kazakh State Academic Theater of Children and Young

The theater was founded in October 1944 under the leadership of People's Artist of the USSR Satz. Organizer Spectators and first director was a People's Artist of USSR, laureate of State. Prize of the USSR, Lenin Prize, Hero of Socialist Labor Satz. Contributed to the formation of the theater V.S Rozov.

November 7, 1945, Alma-Ata babies for the first time crossed the threshold of his theater. Morning show was staged NI Sats on the play by E. Schwartz «Little Red Riding Hood», and in the evening «The Siege of Leiden» Isadora rod on the play, staged a well-known playwright and director Victor Rozov.  

In 1946 was founded the kazakh group. 

In 1967 TUZ awarded the Lenin Komsomol of Kazakhstan for the performance of the Kazakh dead «The first spark» Sh Khusainova, in the role of Gani Muratbaeva - A. Kenzhekov.

B 1985 Decree of the Ministry of Culture, Theater for Children and Youth of Kazakhstan was divided into two separate group. And now working in Almaty: Kazakh TUZ them. G. Musrepov and Russian TUZ.

The founders of the theater - honored artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mambetova A., A. Smailov, People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Bahtygereev M.


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