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Until recently, paintball relieve stress, to feel the heat of emotion, play was a few. 

Today, in southwestern Moscow, everything has changed, paintball has become available. 

Paintball - is a technical sport game from the category of extreme, simulating the transient firing pins on a limited space. For such a simulation using a special pneumonic device (token) and gelatin balls of paint. Games are held in the forest or open fields in places with natural or artificial obstacles and shelters. 

At first glance it may seem that paintball is a simulator of the war, because some scenarios paintball games revolving around the historical battles and campaigns are very popular. However, paintball club is in any case not the glorification of war, it's just a game. Many of the organizers of paintball games use military-historical scenarios, to identify the courage and patriotism displayed by our people during the war. 

Play paintball any person, even a child. 
 There are no restrictions in the field or age. 

This is a good opportunity -- 

• Physical training 

· Enhancing corporate spirit 

· Maintain fitness 

· Great vitality 

· Wonderful holiday in the company 

Paintball provides two types of stress. First, it provides an opportunity for the safe release of aggression and negative energy. Paintball takes both physical and mental stress. Secondly, paintball allows you to assess the reaction of the players under pressure. 

PAINTBALL - is not only fashionable, fun and interesting, 
 - It is also useful




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