Kostanay region Russian drama and puppet-show theatre


Kostanay city, Baimagambetjva str. 191

ph: +7 (7142) 511-055

Kostanay region Russian drama and puppet-show theatre is one of the most oldest theatre of Kazakhstan. It was opened in1922, in the building of cinema «Furor», as the first stationary theatre of Kostanay city. The first play «Buvalyshina»was on the Ukrainian language.
Today there are 20 drama plays and 13 puppet-shows. The director – Ivlev Yuriy Ivanovich, the main producer – Liopa Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. There are 2 working troupes in the theatre: drama and puppet-show troupes.
The theatre many times participated in Republic festivals and always became the prize-winner: play «Sumerki» of А.Dudarev – 1 place (Karaganda city 1999 year), play «Амadey» of P.Sheffer – the prize of spectators' sympathy( Pavlodar city 2000 year), play «Karagoz» of М. Аuezov – Grand Prix of XII Republic Festival ( Kostanay city 2004year),puppet-show « The adventures of firefly» of E.Bobrov – Grand Prix of the I Republic Festival of puppet-show theatres and the prize of spectators' sympathy, « Very simple history» of М. Lado – 1 place in «For the best play and coverage of problems on the stage» nomination ( Astana 2007 year).


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