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Cuisine: Army, european and asian

Specialities: Realization a unforgettable celebration to accept on a high level of the close or business visitors invites you restaurant "Paradise". The menu with the refined dishes accessible prices, spacious hall, at will - celebratory registration of a hall.

Open hours: from 12.00 to 03.00. A week

In restaurant it is possible to note Birthdays, significant dates, holidays, meeting
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Amount of bill:

2000 tenge

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Cuisine: European cuisine

Specialities: Spend an unforgettable celebration, take a high level close or business guests, invites you Metropol Restaurant For you a new menu with refined dishes, reasonable prices and a large hall with 150 seats. Optional - festive decoration of the hall. VIP Lounge.

Open hours: From 12.00 till. Without days off.

Adequately to note a celebration, holidays in a circle of friends and relatives, and also to welcome business visitors at high level you invites restaurant "Метрополь". A hall on ...
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Amount of bill:


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Cuisine: Europian

Specialities: Business lunch in the format "Swedish table", Sunday brunch, European cuisine, Tea ceremony, Hookah - bar.

Open hours: from 12.00 to 02.00. On weekends from 12.00 to 3.00

" Old Englishman Pub-Restaurant " represents all inhabitants Pavlodar unique opportunity simultaneously to satisfy the culinary predilections and daily need for dialogue! At us is cosy, is spacious, easily ...
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Amount of bill:

from 2500 KZT

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Cuisine: National, Russian, etc.

Specialities: At your service: •VIP-hall on 12 persons. An input – 500 тг., service – 20 % •Малый a hall on 10 persons. An input – 300 тг., service of 15 % From 18.00 ч. An input 200 тг. Service of 10 % from order cost

Open hours: From 12.00 till 00.00

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Amount of bill:

From 3000 тг. And above

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Cuisine: European, Armenian and national

Specialities: Cafe - Restaurant «Dvin» offers: Implementation of banquets, family celebrations, weddings, corporate events, VIP room with separate entrance, Business Lunches from 500 tenge, Armenian Cuisine (kebabs in an assortment of chickens, tobacco and coals), European cuisine, Show program, live music, Kitchen Take-Away, Pizza in the range from 500 tenge.

Open hours: From 12.00 till 02.00. Without days off

If your life lacks something special, and the soul requires something unusual, go straight road to a cafe - restaurant «Dvin». In our spacious rooms, waiting for you, this ...
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Amount of bill:

From 2500 tenges

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Cuisine: National, Russian, European, etc.

Open hours: From Tuesday on Sunday from 12.00 till 02.00

Input: to girls – free, to guys – 100 тг. Percent for service: 10 % If you do wedding at restaurant, in a gift the restaurant pays 50 % of registration ...
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Amount of bill:

From 3000 тг. And above

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Cuisine: russian, kazakh and european

Specialities: Restaurant, table in the area Irtysh, table in the clock city, table with a kind on the mosque,VIP hall, leadthrough of banquets, triumphs.

Open hours: From 8.00 to 2.00 without a weekend

The restaurant "Panorama" is a unique place, where you have an opportunity pleasure by Russian, Kazakh and European kitchen. Rich assortment of drinks, cosy hall on hundred places and ...
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Complex of rest "Usadyba" - classical on spirit and atmosphere a complex harmoniously entered in architecture and conditions of nobiliary manor. The complex is constructed from a clean - ...
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Cuisine: European and кавказкая, a wine list

Specialities: Banquets, weddings, grand welcomes, corporate actions, children's holidays

Open hours: Daily from 12.00 till

Special atmosphere and unique home decoration frame unique sensation of spirit of the ancient Armenian earth.
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