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Cuisine: European, Italian

Specialities: In cafe "Focus" live music in the evening sounds. One hall on 50 places Parking: is Music and entertainments: background music, live music every day from 21:00 The additional information: billiards, a karaoke, a sauna

Open hours: From 11:00 – 02:00 on weekdays, during week-end till 04:00

In a cosy hall of cafe "Focus" it is easy and comfortable. The interesting design, the unique atmosphere arising during parties in cafe allows visitors to feel the big, ...
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Amount of bill:

From 2000 tenges and above

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Cuisine: European, Italian, national

Specialities: The bistro "Stagecoach" original menu, including Fast Food and home cooking. What does this mean? Hot dishes, second, a salad - you no longer need to worry about home-cooking and proper nutrition. We pechemsya about our customers and strive to anticipate their needs and wishes. To this end, a bistro "Stagecoach" is constantly upgrading menyu.I it's not all! Bistro menu is very flexible - dishes vary depending on the season, monotonous meals in the bistro "Stagecoach" simply does not happen!

Open hours: From 12.00 till 03.00

The bistro "Stagecoach" invites you in warm cosy conditions to try juicy, fragrant pizzas, appetizing hamburgers, chickenburger, hotdogs, sandwiches, wide assortment of hot dishes. A variety of dairy, fruktovo-berry ...
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Amount of bill:

From 2000 and above

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Cuisine: Europian, Oriental

Specialities: * Проведение свадеб, банкетов, дней рождения. * Оказываем услуги выездного ресторанного обслуживания. * Блюда европейской и национальной кухни. * Живая музыка, видеодискотека. * Спорт-бар. Вход с 20:00 - 200 тенге. Обслуживание - 10%.

Open hours: 12.00 - 02.00

Кафе «Boss» подходит для проведения Свадьбы, Дня рождения, Юбилея, Банкета. Оказывает услуги выездного ресторанного обслуживания.
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