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"Malachite" Holiday Village is located in a picturesque location on Lake Shybyndy Kol (Upper Tainty). The southern part of the holiday village is surrounded by fairly high mountains which are covered with lush evergreen coniferous vegetation; on the slopes there are plenty of shrubby tree (mountain ash, cherry, maral nurseries), and the top capped with granite rocks of unusual shape. Mountain peaks, especially in bright sunny days are shrouded in a light, translucent haze. Clear air is filled with aroma of pine trees.
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от 8000 тг.
Sport Entertainment Complex Baganashil is an entertainment centre in Almaty, uniquely situated at the very location, where city districts meet the mountain foothills of Almaty. The centre offers wide range of services.
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База расположена у подножия хребта Ивановский белок, в экологически чистом районе. Если Вы сторонник очень бюджетного отдыха и Вам особое удовольстве доставляет то, что Вы большую часть отдыха на базе ...
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от 33000 тг.
Eco Village is a unique place not far from Astana, intentionally created for busy people of Astana to spend a holiday at the countryside. Eco Village has a territory of 23 hectars, with 13 small guest houses and an administrative building with a restaurant.
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от 8000 тг.
Resort Hotel Nurtau is located on a large protected area ski resort, 30 minutes drive from the center of Ust-Kamenogorsk, East Kazakhstan. At the heart of wild nature, surrounded by mountain slopes, away from the bustle of the city - an ideal place for a family or a corporate holiday.
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Предлагаем Вам отдохнуть в прекрасном живописном месте – базе отдыха «Синегорье», находящемся в г. Риддер Восточно Казахстанской области. Свежий горный, экологически чистый воздух, река, хвойный лес, высокие склоны гор - все это является основной достопримечательностью нашей природы.
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от 34998 тг.
The guest House "Arlan" in Astana is a magic door to a completely new dimension, new quality of leisure; the guest house "Arlan" does not put boundaries, but easily breaks them.
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от 2000 тг.
We invite you to visit Abakshino Holiday Village situated in a very beautiful place on the bank of the river Ishim in Petropavlovsk. The center’s capacity is more than 300 persons.
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База отдыха расположена среди девственного соснового бора на берегу горной реки Громотуха. Нетронутые леса и фантастически красивые виды порадуют Вас и подарят огромное количество приятных впечатлений, заряд энергии и бодрости на долгое время, а также множество памятных моментов Вашего отдыха.
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Standart Double/Twin Room


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от 10000 тг.
Sary Bulak Resort Hotel in Borovoe resort area is a haven for people tired of noise and smog of cities. Good clean air, rich fragrance of steppe grasses and pine forest of Kazakhstan are especially marvelous. Air, singing birds, abundance of greenery and tart smell of pine needles... All our visitors can enjoy this splendor whether it will be a family with children, a married couple, an elderly couple or a friendly team of any company. We will be happy to everyone!
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