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Do you want to use services of professional interpreters in order to translate from/to English, German, Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, Italian or any other language? Please fill in the application form and we will do our best to find a highly qualified translator for you.


Please note:

Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpreting the interpreter speaks between the pauses made by a speaker. This type of interpreting is cheaper than simultaneous one. Special equipment is not required. Consecutive interpreting is widely spread and is used during almost all business meetings and negotiations, technical meetings, etc.

Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting the speaker does not make any pauses for an interpreter to speak. The interpreter listens to what is being said by a speaker, and simultaneously interprets everything, which was said before. This interpretation is used at official events with many speakers (conferences, symposia) or during long speeches of a speaker. During such events the interpreting is done by at least two interpreters, since due to high level of constant concentration required, the interpreters change each other every 30 minutes. For this type of interpreting special equipment is usually required, if the equipment is not available, a possible solution might be whispering.


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