Astana - a flourishing city in the steppe

Astana like a flower, grew and flourished in the middle of a sultry plain. A small provincial town 90 years only some ten years turned into an ultra-modern capital of newly independent Kazakhstan.
History of the city begins with 1832, when on the right bank of the river Ishim in the area Karaotkel was built fortification Akmolinsk. Although the city is no more than two hundred years, he changed a few names: Akmolinsk Tselinograd, Akmola, Astana. Another name of the city acquired in 1997, when the capital was moved here from Almaty. Today Astana is the youngest capital city in the world.
Modern Astana - a completely different city. Mayor of Moscow, visiting the updated Astana, said: "Astana - is only the beginning, I feel here the dynamism of the future of Kazakhstan." Astana is considered to be the person states that have taken the path of revival and development.
Worldwide famous architects embodied here in the reality of their best projects. Among them are the symbol of Kazakhstan, Astana and updated, sparkling Baiterek 105 meters. The top is crowned with a rotating skyscraper plated ball with a diameter of 22 meters.

Bayterek in the mythology of the Kazakh people is considered sacred tree, which connects three parallel worlds. The roots of the tree, stretching deep into the earth, represent the world of the dead, strong stem, located above ground, connected with the world of the living and the high branches, covered with dense crown, lead to heaven, to God. Huge wings covering the sky, flying sacred bird Samruk. She strives to Baiterek, Tree of Life that, hidden in his high crown, lay a golden egg - Sun, daruyuschee life and hope. And below, at the roots, waiting in the wings hungry dragon Aydahar calling night shift day, winter to replace the fly. It is the eternal struggle between good and evil, where at the junction of the worlds brings its world river water, which rises on the banks of Baiterek, holding back the land, crown propped the sky ...
Bayterek is kind of a viewing platform where, from a height of 97 meters (the number represents the year of transfer the capital to Astana), provides a wonderful panorama of the city views. The lower level takes four and a half meters below ground, where there are cafes, aquariums and minigalereya Baiterek. Daily visitors are conducted sightseeing tours in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages.
International organization UNESCO Astana awarded the title of "City of Peace". In 2001, Astana, visited by Pope John Paul II, thereby assessing the contribution of Kazakhstan in religious issues. Especially for a "Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions was built Palace of Peace and Accord - a unique pyramid-shaped building. Pyramid rightfully recognized as a center of religious studies and religious tolerance. Hall Cheops Atrium admires white marble and noble. The pyramid has a concert and opera hall, equipped with the latest equipment. Large glass dome - top of the pyramid, like throwing us to meet the sky, where sports 130 doves, symbolizing the people of Kazakhstan.
In Astana, there are many other wonderful plants, which need to tell apart. This entertainment center "Duman", the most distant from the sea aquarium with exotic sea creatures. In addition to the Oceanarium in "thinking with" a three-dimensional cinema, a gaming arcade, bowling, night club, hotel, cafes and restaurants. Not far from the "Thought" is an ethnographic park "Map of Kazakhstan Atameken" - a unique outdoor museum. Mountains, hills, steppes, forests, lakes, major cities with their sights are on the map on a smaller scale. Astana is a wonderful circus, a building that resembles a flying saucer, opera and ballet, two drama theater.
On water-green boulevard, near Baiterek can see versicoloured dancing fountains to the sounds of classical music, rhythm. Astana - a great place for tourists and residents.

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