The Trans-Ili Alatau

Trans-Ili Alatau is the most northerly mountain ridge of the Tien Shan. Stretching to the south, it forms a huge arc. The highest altitude (5017 m above sea level) range reaches its central part. On the northern slope of the deep drains flowing rivers Uzun-Kargaly, Aksai, Large and Small Almatinka, Talgar, Issyk, Turgenev. All of them fall into the deep river Ili. On the southern slope of the same rivers smaller.
Mountain back with his hard-tops attracts many climbers. The most popular among tourists are the highest peak Talgar (5017 m), cliffs Little Almaty Gorge and the adjacent Glacier Bogdanovich. It is in the valley are the most convenient approaches to its vertices. Here there are points that conquerors of the mountain peaks have not yet reached. This gorge Big Almaty, Aksai, Kargalinskiy, Kaskelen, Chemolganskoe. In addition to climbing routes in the mountains and hiking trails are laid. Lighter and shorter are the part of the city. In these areas, and settled numerous resorts, motels, chalets, camping sites. In winter it drops a thick layer of soft snow, which is easy to make interesting ski trips, engage in downhill skiing.

In 70 kilometers from Almaty to Issyk gorge Trans-Ili Alatau is Lake Issyk tourist place of incredible beauty. It was formed 8-10 thousand years ago, when there were large-scale rock falls. At first it was just a green-blue water of the lake without vegetation and fish, but later the situation changed. Now Issyk become a real lake and a favorite vacation spot of Kazakhstan and foreign tourists. Azure-blue waters of the shallow lake is well warmed hot sun of southern Kazakhstan. Lake, like a saucer, is flanked by rows of high mountain ranges. They are covered in the main alpine coniferous forests that clean the air and saturate its sweet smells that are beneficial for human health.
 Around well-preserved elements of the Saka culture: archaeological sites, burial mounds, burial grounds. The most famous is the Issyk burial mound, which was discovered by the famous Golden Man, Sakas warrior, wearing a gold ceremonial dress. Buried in the cemetery of his gold rings, statuettes, bronze and gold sword, and various vessels weighing over three kilograms, and other valuable items, saying that a young bag held a high position, and possibly even a member of the royal family. Golden man became a national symbol of Kazakhstan.
In a fertile river valleys Trans-Ili Alatau Almaty matures famous Oporto, grow thickets of wild apples, apricots, Boyarka, aspen, birch, wild rose, barberry, honeysuckle, raspberry. The mountain slopes are decorated with tulips flower buds of flame, wild peonies. Delicate blue forget-me-anemones, daisies, globe-yellow paint with bright colors fresh green fields. On the northern slopes grow relic Tien-Shan spruce, which are found only here and nowhere else. Alpine meadows rich in alpine grasses: thickets kabrezii, undersized bright blue bells gentian, pale yellow, delicate heads of poppies.
The forests are inhabited by small goat - Elika, deer, deer, bears, foxes, badgers, ermine, wild boars, wild cats. You can find and lynx. Very rare variety of thrush - a blue bird, crossbill, alyapka interested birdwatchers. Among the labyrinths hard rock mountain goats inhabit tau-teke, and their enemy - the snow leopard.



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