Warm Lake Balkhash is located at an altitude of 340 meters above sea level. 110-130 sunny days a year - enough to keep the water in the lake is well warmed. June and August are the best time for a beach holiday. In the hottest time of the water temperature rises to 28 degrees. The lake is clear, soft, slightly salty water and sandy beach - another plus to everything else. Water and mud are the salt marshes of Lake Balkhash, located in the coastal zone have a healing effect. Around the lake are numerous sanatoriums, preventive clinics, summer camps and recreation areas.
This resting place attracts tourists not only the lake water, but also the surrounding nature, which has been preserved intact. Flora and fauna, characteristic of the desert zone, are quite varied: grow such rare species as a relict birch and a special cane that can reach seven-meter height, turangovye groves and thickets of crowfoot. All of this is the habitat for desert tortoises, lizards, snakes and other desert animals, as well as for water: sandpipers, herons, ducks, pelicans.
Balhash - a great place for lovers of hunting and has such an exotic form of leisure, as hunting with trained birds of prey on small birds and animals.
Water of Balkhash, the large number of different species of fish (catfish, perch, Zherikhov, carp, roach), were a favorite place for fishing fans, under which were set aside and equipped with special seats. Here, the custom and unique species such as the humpbacked Balkhash perch.
Sovremennye cottages, guest houses and hotels located on the shores of Lake Balkhash, welcomed guests. The most popular ones are: a comfortable recreation «Riva Lepsy», which offers special programs for corporate clients and families; pensions "Aquamarine", "Altin Kum", "Blue Lagoon", located in the village Chubar-Tyubek; pensions "Swallow's Nest "," Pegasus "," Tulpar "located in the village Torangalyk. Villages located approximately 600 kilometers from the city of Almaty. For tourists traveling on your own car, we recommend camping.
On the northern shore of the lake is planned to establish an international recreational and tourist center of the Balkhash-Nursi, which in future will be one of the main tourist zones of the country.



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