Rakhmanov Springs

The main purpose of sanatorium treatment in Rakhmanov keys is remote from the daily bustle of life and immersion in the natural environment. The surrounding nature and location strongly contribute to this. You will not see large cottages here, resort guests are accommodated in cozy little wooden huts, that helps to feel the closeness of nature. All necessary natural conditions for good rest and treatment, for finding harmony of soul and body are created at an altitude of 1,760 meters. Rakhmanov keys are located on the territory of protected sites, botanical and mineral reserve and Caton Karagai National Park. This zone lies within the boundaries of four countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia and China.
Resort has had own story since the mid 60-ies. For a long time here and far beyond the borders of the neighborhood rumors about the incredible water, living water, even the supposedly healing wounds in minutes. The people also preserved the legend of the delete Rakhmanov, who, while hunting deer, and discovered this wonderful place. Wounded animal itself has rights to the lake, hoping to find salvation in it. Rakhmanov was struck by the panorama that opened his eyes - a smooth surface of gleaming, rolling small waves of light gust of wind. Weakened by heavy deer went into the water, and after a while playfully jumped on shore, back into the distance. Struck by the hunter told the villagers what they saw, and they in turn another, and flew off the news of the miraculous lake, and the healing of animal and man. The source of life-giving water was nicknamed "Rakhmanovskie keys." Since then, many years have passed, but the stream to visit this wonderful place does not decrease, but rather increases, since this began to learn and others.
Terapevticheskoe treatment in motels based on natural mineral thermal radon waters derived from groundwater sources. The ideal chemical composition of groundwater allows for healing baths use water obtained directly from the sources. That is, the water is not treated and is not diluted further, so all useful properties of living water. The basis of thermal waters is radon, which has curative effects on the body. In this, one realizes when one sees how small wounds on the skin are tightened on the next day. Water has a positive impact on the state of the organism as a whole: improving the work of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, restored regular sleep and eases tension of the organism, are headaches. Radon water contributes to the proper weight loss, as the hot tub effectively normalize the impaired metabolism, which is the foundation of proper weight loss and general health. But best of all skin diseases are treated here, even the most severe. They are cured, or fully, or provide long-term remission. Daily, the adoption of water inside and will help accelerate the treatment with digestive problems.
Uskoryaet its resort and the surrounding dense forest. They are cleaned and filled with notes of sweet-smelling mountain air, fragrant pine needles. Especially a place like asthmatics, celebrating an early improvement in health. Even the landscapes contribute to healing and mood elevation, because in a beautiful place and most want to be like them.
No except spa treatments are offered all sorts of excursions and tours to other tourist areas of East Kazakhstan. This trip by catamaran, rowing and motor boats, mountain biking. This is rafting on the nearby White Berel river with one of the most difficult and almost impassable routes in the region. From the resort buses in "Sergeyev retreat, a place of breeding deer velvet antlers which are valuable substance gematogen. It is used in the treatment of blood diseases. You can even take a bath velvet antler, an incredible way of mitigating and improves the skin of the body.


Author: Visitkazakhstan.kz

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