Karagiye is a huge hole in the ground in the middle of hot desert, which was formed as a result of leaching of underground layers. Gradually over time ex-plain sank, not yet acquired a modern look. Karagiye, according to scientists, to fly on a giant rain clouds from adjacent areas, probably due to the stronger gravity. Located on Karagiye Mangyshlak peninsula on the eastern coast of the Caspian, the largest of an inland lake in the world. Mangyshlak, according to many experts in the field of tourism, attracting nearly one-third of the country's tourist flows Mangyshlak just created for those who attract the amazing natural contrasts of nature. The variety and beauty of the surrounding landscape in Mangyshlak staggering: suddenly found bottomless depression coexist with rocky hills and uplands of lily-milk color. The colorful canyon that rivals the beauty of the famous canyons of Colorado, icy clear spring water, which has always been a life-giving water and saving for travelers, many buildings of ancient cities and settlements, cemeteries, mosques, hidden under the ground. And so between the heat of the desert and the Caspian Sea generous with his usual incredible beauty of the waves, then gradually, then rapidly rolling over the silvery surface of the mighty elders. Numerous cemeteries and mosques Mangyshlak hallowed mystery of time, always attracted to and attract tourists. There is a holy place - underground mosque Beckett-Ata, where annually accumulates a lot of pilgrims. On the way to the mosque Beckett-Ata pilgrims will certainly come in Shopan-Ata. Among local residents it is believed associated with the underground mosque Shopan-Ata - a woman who wishes to have a child, should three times to crawl on their knees around the growing of mulberry tree near the mosque. It is a symbol of fertility and therefore hope for the long-awaited birth of the child. It is impossible to attend Mangyshlak without enjoying the atmosphere of the ancient world, during the existence of important trade routes, passing through the earth Mangyshlak, here the road ran, and arranged parking Great Silk Road. Here, numerous cultural monuments. With viewing platforms offering wonderful views of the landscapes Mangyshlak. However, visit Mangyshlak - not only means to get acquainted with history. Swim in the clear waters of the Caspian Sea will give freshness and cheerfulness, walks on sailing yachts and catamarans on the mirror surface of the sea will see more beauty of this region. In Blue Bay, Gulf of incredible beauty, located at 68 km on the road to Fort Shevchnko live sea dwellers such as jellyfish, many young fish, crabs, turtles. Lots of interesting animals and the custom in the hot steppes Mangishlak. First of all, it's an incredible amount of ground squirrels. There are so many that the entire surface of the steppe is covered with tubercles and hummocks left over from digging holes. This desert tortoises, lizards funny run, roundheads, small urchins. Fascinate and racing across the steppe fearful herds of wild horses, raising a column of dust. Traveling through the hot desert, it is nice to stay at the well Tassay giving a cool and delicious water.



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