The resort is only 25 kilometers away from the bright and sunny city of Almaty. Ski base attracts tourists nearby countries. Warm but not hot weather in summer and moderate cold in winter, creating favorable conditions for the sport the whole family. Free tow lifts will take you to a height of more than 900 meters, showing the path of beauty and diverse landscape of majestic mountains covered with snow-white caps. Unique and a wonderful side Chimbulak - is a whole set of different routes, this route will find the taste of beginners and experienced athletes, extreme sports and fans of unusual types of skiing. And every year there are more and more new routes, which makes diminish the interest of tourists. Trails Chimbulak are highly specialized and meet the world level. Downhill is the downhill and slalom-giginta Law among the ten most difficult trails in the world. Ropeway easily take you to the highest point where you can go to any form of transport. This modern snowboards for the young, bold and vibrant, perfect for ski lovers ride, Snowblades, original shorter skis, which are ideal for passing the hills and skating in puhlyake (the soft, recently the snow). And all complemented by high level of service at the resort. If traveling for a long time, do not have time to get bored, because at Chimbulack conducted various competitions on trails, organized fun games and entertaining presentation. Having built in the mid-fifties, Chimbulak until 1962 was the only scene of all-union competitions in skiing. Today, there are annual Republican competition for children and for professional athletes. Chimbulak perfect for family vacations, to socialize and meet with old friends, staff and colleagues. Here there is a lesson for restless children: fun playing outdoors, going down on children's skis, the rapid descent to the sled with high hills with breathtaking turns. We doubt that their parents succumb to the temptation to ride just like a child. And even better ... Be ready to receive a charge of vivacity, energy and high mood!



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