Two-wheel tourism: how to plan a bike tour of Europe.

There are many ways to travel around the world: from expensive cruises on luxury liners to travel to dusty-distance trains or on foot wandering in the mountains with a guide. But some travel on two wheels and choose places to travel necessarily those where it is possible to travel by bicycle.

Traveling by bicycle, which became a priority mode of transport, has many advantages. On the bike you are moving more slowly that in contrast to the train or car can enjoy the nature surrounding area. In contrast, bus tour, traveling on a bicycle makes traveling more frequently to communicate with the locals, and gain more knowledge, so to speak firsthand about the culture of countries. Not to mention that the bike - it is environmentally friendly mode of transport, and, moreover, made efforts to move the tourists go only to the benefit of his health. There tourists can be called "green traveler.

Europe - an ideal place to travel by bicycle

If you go on a journey on a bicycle for the first time, it is best to start with Europe. For many Europeans, the bicycle is not just a sport, a means of daily transportation. Many European countries have excellent cycle tracks and drivers on the roads attentive to cyclists and are always ready to meet with them on the go. In Europe, there is even a cycle path between cities that allows the traveler to safely move from one country to another without fear of strong slopes or rises. Cities in the European countries are close to each other - this means that you do not have to go on not a populated area. On the way you will always find place to stay, where you can sleep, rest and eat. In Europe, a lot of camps for camping, houses and budget hotels, which they rent out to tourists. European countries are tiny letters in size, which allows a lot of places to visit and get acquainted with the culture of different peoples, breaking the short distances. This is especially important for those who travel by bicycle.

In addition, Europe - the country where the bicycle can travel each, regardless of age. Here you can find tourists on two wheels, traveling as a family, even with children 5 years of age or intersect, for example, with 83-year-old cyclist who is traveling for 3 months alone, and this means that with him he carries all the necessary things.

In general, Europe - an ideal place for two-wheeled travelers, regardless of age and capabilities.

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