Triumphal victory of Kazakhstan in the ITB 2011 international tourist exhibition

ITB Berlin can not be called only the exhibition, because it is found to be concentration of culture and traditions, intercourse and business at the international degree. Thousands of people visit the ITB exhibition annually, who strives for widening of business relations and interconnection with new tourist directions. In the framework of the exhibition forums, summits, conferences and meetings of large tourism organizations were held.
By the results of the exhibition Kazakhstan was awarded twice. Award for the best stand on 5 categories – “Best stand of Europe”, “Best stand of America”, “Best stand of Middle East”, “Best stand of Asia, Pacific Ocean region and Australia” and “Best stand of Africa”, also 10 nominees are announced in each category.
According to the opinion of the independent experts among the winner of national administrations of countries, i.e. other countries (188 participants) first in history of its participation Kazakhstan stand was awarded “BEST OF BEST” becoming the first stand in the world on tourist presentation of country potential. Jurors estimated stands by several criteria: design of the stand, creativity, work with mass media, work at the stand and presentation of national traditions and culture, presentation of branding products. Experts marked the hospitality of Kazakh people, kindness, openness and authentic atmosphere.
Stand of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as in previous year, won the first place in the category “Asia/Australia/Oceania”, consolidating the success and positions at the world tourism business arena, leaving Korea behind (2 place).
Ministry of Tourism and Sport of RK in cooperation with German consulting company “Compass” organized the presentation of Kazakhstan tourism bureau opened in Cologne and presentation of appropriate internet site
This bureau in cooperation with German Mass Media will deal with Kazakhstan tourism brand promotion through internet for German audience.

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