Туристская Выставкa «BITE» 2011
В период с 17 по 19 июня 2011 года Министерством туризма и спорта Республики Казахстан обеспечено участие Казахстана на Международной Туристской Выставке «BITE», прошедшей в городе Пекин (Китайская Народная Республика).
New countries and travel destinations at KITF 2011
KITF 2011, the 11th Kazakhstan International Tourism & Travel Fair, will take place in two pavilions at the Atakent Exhibition Centre on 20-22 April. KITF is Central Asia’s main professional tourism event. The show is organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan and Almaty City Administration, together with Iteca (Kazakhstan), part of ITE Group Plc (UK).
Triumphal victory of Kazakhstan in the ITB 2011 international tourist exhibition
In the period of 9-13 of March, 2011, the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part at the 45th annual International Tourism Exhibition ITB 2011, held in Berlin (Federative Republic of Germany). The International exhibition was held in exhibition hall “Messedamm Berlin” on the area of 160 sq.m., which included more than 11 000 stands, representing 188 countries of the world.
30 апреля 2011 года Историко-географическим обществом и общественным фондом «Авалон» при финансовой поддержке Государственного департамента США будет установлена первая в Караганде публичная велостоянка.
State National Natural Park Altyn-Emel
Altyn-Emel is a unique natural complex, which includes archaeological, historical and cultural monuments, rare and endangered species of plants and animals. Attractions of the park include a wonderful Singing Sand, which creates melodies, resembling a sound of an organ, unusual mounds Besshatyr, mysterious Buddhist inscriptions and rock carvings in the mountains Tamgaly-Tas. The rich flora and fauna of Altyn-Emel made it an attractive destination for ecological tourism.
Two-wheel tourism: how to plan a bike tour of Europe.
There are many ways to travel around the world: from expensive cruises on luxury liners to travel to dusty-distance trains or on foot wandering in the mountains with a guide. But some travel on two wheels and choose places to travel necessarily those where it is possible to travel by bicycle.
The resort is only 25 kilometers away from the bright and sunny city of Almaty. Ski base attracts tourists nearby countries. Warm but not hot weather in summer and moderate cold in winter, creating favorable conditions for the sport the whole family. Free tow lifts will take you to a height of more than 900 meters, showing the path of beauty and diverse landscape of majestic mountains covered with snow-white caps.
Много лет, если не веков, пытливые умы ищут священную страну Шамбалу. Землю обетованную. Место, где сосредоточено добро всего мира. Предания гласят, что «пуп Земли», энергетически связанный с Космосом, находится на величественной горе Белухе. Не здесь ли скрылась от глаз людских таинственная Шамбала?
Катон-Карагайский парк
МИР… ЗАПОВЕДНЫЙ Есть в Восточном Казахстане удивительное место – Катон-Карагайский национальный природный парк. Его называют Эдемом, Шамбалой, землёй обетованной, родиной предков. Сюда едут со всего мира, чтобы полюбоваться первозданной красотой природы и вдохнуть чистейшего воздуха, напоённого ароматами тайги. Куда ни взглянешь, повсюду здесь живут красота и гармония. Это целый мир, вершина которого – гордая двуглавая Белуха. Здесь бьют целебные Рахмановские ключи и шумит горный водопад Кокколь. На берегу озера Язевое часто собираются любители экстремального туризма и музыканты. Искатели приключений едут к Берельским могильникам, чтобы прикоснуться к истории.
Turkestan is an ancient city, one of the oldest cities in the world, as well as a sacred place, a place of worship and pilgrimage for Muslims. In 2000, Turkestan celebrated its 1500th anniversary. A huge amount of ancient monuments, more than 800, remained there. Turkestan used to be one of the most significant trade and political centers of the whole Central Asian region for many centures.
Have you ever seen the lake filled with salt and fresh water at the same time? It is situated in south-eastern part of Kazakhstan and is the second largest lake in Central Asia. The fact that the bottom of the lake is divided by a narrow strait into two parts, western and eastern. That a strait and not allow salt and fresh water mix. Accordingly, common here, and poultry of two types: freshwater and salt water inhabitants.
One of the deepest places in the world, Karagiye Depression, has depth of 133m and is known as a place of special manifestations of nature. This is evidenced by the very name, which in Turkish means "black mouth".
Karkaraly - a place where the imaginary and real interwoven in such a way impossible that all mingled into a single entity, a single story. And it seems impossible ever to understand what is myth, superstition, and that the true story ...
Rakhmanov Springs
In eastern Kazakhstan has a unique wellness center Rakhmanov Springs, located in the deep valley of Arasan. Thermal waters Rakhmanovskie keys "enriched radon, which has beneficial effects on human health. Healing water and drink, and take hot radon baths, which do not have to artificially heated water. Amazing contrasts of the Altai mountains, icy and snow-white beauty Belukha, the highest point in the Altai, a feeling that you are in the realm of the Beautiful.
Aksu-Dzhabagly - the first nature reserve established in the territory of Kazakhstan during the time of the Soviet Union. The reserve is situated at the beautiful and amazing spurs of the Western Tien Shan. Mostly flat, sometimes steep slopes are covered with a colorful variety of colors. Here grow peculiar only to the Western Tien Shan juniper forests. In early spring countless bright red tulips strew the slopes and valleys of the Aksu-Dzhabagly. And this cover is maintained throughout the summer.
The Trans-Ili Alatau
The mild climate of the Trans-Ili Alatau and moderate temperatures in winter and summer create ideal conditions for practicing mountaineering sports. More than a hundred different categories of routes now provide and amateurs, professionals and mountain climbing. Since the vertices Trans-Ili Alatau offering a wonderful view on the beautiful lake Issyk, framed by high mountains with their snowy peaks.
Astana - a flourishing city in the steppe
Astana like a flower, grew and flourished in the middle of a sultry plain. A small provincial town 90 years only some ten years turned into an ultra-modern capital of newly independent Kazakhstan. The splendid buildings of unusual design created by renowned architects project. Here you can see the building, a pyramid, sparkling and shimmering Baiterek, a symbol of renewal and the future of Kazakhstan, Astana.

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