Weather in Kazakhstan

Summers in Kazakhstan are hot and winters are cold. Since Kazakhstan has a vast territory, weather can vary substantially in different parts of the country. For example when sowing season begins in the South, the North might still be covered with thick snow.

Average temperature in the coldest month of winter January is -18,7°С in the North and -1,5°С in the South. Because of dry weather and bright sun, which is common in most parts of Kazakhstan, temperature of -15°С might be felt like only -5° – 0°С in wet weather. Snowy winters are ideal for winter sports activities, for example in ski resorts. However, additional care should be taken and appropriate preparations must be done by those, who are not used to cold weather.

Average temperature of the hottest month in summer - July – is +18,8°С in the North and +28,8°С in the South. Beach holidays at seas and lakes of Kazakshtan and at holiday villages are popular among tourists during hot summers. August and September are perfect for trekking in the mountains of the East and South-East Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is a sunny country, some regions enjoy the sun up to 330 days a year, and the sky here is almost always bright blue. Welcome to Kazakhstan!

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