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Otrar Travel Astana Otrar Travel Astana
Otrar Travel is a tour operator that has been arranging for excellent holiday tours to the best selection of destinations for thirteen years. We guarantee high quality services and an exceptional approach to making up tour programs for you. Otrar Travel is a partner to major global tour operators and is accredited with foreign embassies and consular offices in Kazakhstan, which in turn enables us to offer tourist services and visas procurement worldwide.
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UNIT TRAVEL - туристская компания, основной деятельностью которой является предоставление услуг в сфере организации деловых, спортивных, личных поездок и тд.
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Astana Best Travel Astana Best Travel
Туристская компания «Astana Best Travel» в Астане рада предложить сотрудничество на самых выгодных условиях в области туризма и путешествий.
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Akmolaturist Akmolaturist
Мы гарантируем качество обслуживания, надежность и порядочность. Стабильность коллектива, его профессионализм, материально-техническая база позволяет нам делать такие заявления. АО "Акмолатурист" верен своим традициям и продолжает их укреплять. Шли годы, менялась структура и название фирмы, но цели и задачи остаются для нас неизменными.
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Travel agency "" Travel agency ""
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Корабль желаний Корабль желаний
«Корабль Желаний?»-спросите Вы, Мы скажем: «сбываются Ваши мечты!»
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Peritravel Peritravel
Мечтаете провести шикарный отпуск, который будете вспоминать еще долго? Тогда Вам просто необходимо провести отдых с турфирмой «Peritravel»!
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Services offered:

Международный туризм (Турция, Тайланд, ОАЭ, о. Хайнань, Египет, Индия (ГОА)) Внутренний туризм Авиабилеты по всем направлениям

Onur Travel Onur Travel
We have appeared on the tourism market in 2003. During this time we have managed to accumulate a lot of secrets to a successful holiday. We find the latest information, news and best hotels for you, as well as always offering new discounts, which often offer hotels. Every year we try to be better all the time try to justify the confidence for you and your friends! Our achievements: Working with tourists from all corners of Kazakhstan! Gratitude from the leading tour operators of Russia, Turkey, UAE, Egypt, Thailand. Participation in the workshops of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan, Embassy of Israel in Kazakhstan, ANEXTOUR, CORAL, TEZTOUR, PEGAS. 2007. Opening of the visa department in Astana in connection with the relocation of all consulates and embassies in the capital. 2008. Opening of the project ONURSTUDY.KZ - General Representative in Kazakhstan, the Czech education company GOSTUDY.CZ. Participation in the exhibition KITF-2008, Astana. Assistance to students from all over Kazakhstan in higher education in the Czech Republic. 2009. Own charter programs to Antalya from Uralsk and Atyrau.
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Zhibek zholi Zhibek zholi
In the same building on the 1 floor with travel agency "Zhibek zholi AP" is compact home cozy restaurant "Asia" with a high level of service care that specializes in local and Chinese cuisine. The restaurant organizes corporate receptions, dinners from 888 tg. Organizes meals for guests of China, Korea and Southeast Asia.
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Albatros Tour-NS Albatros Tour-NS
LLP "Albatros Tour-NS" is one of the most reliable tourist enterprises of Astana. Over the last 7 years we are pleased to provide our citizens the opportunity to relax, improve your health, gain new experiences, both abroad and within our country. The company has four highly qualified staff, which will surround the attention of any client and help him select a tour according to his needs and desires.
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