A meeting of the oblast akim Abelgazi Kusainova with Charge d'Affaires in RK Elizabeth Millard

The head of the area told the guests about the ongoing work to implement the tasks set by the country's President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his annual address to the people of Kazakhstan, on the socio-economic development and natural resources of the region.
Successfully develop foreign economic relations of the region. Industrial products are exported to over 50 countries worldwide. There are more than 400 enterprises with foreign capital, including 26 joint Kazakh-American. Foreign trade turnover in the region with the United States last year totaled nearly $ 130 million.
In order to attract foreign investment in the State program of forced industrial-innovative development of a Special Economic Zone "Sary-Arka." Its main goal - the development of metallurgical industry and metal processing industry, in particular, the production of finished products by attracting manufacturers worldwide brands. In addition, this breakthrough development and implementation of investment projects of deep processing of raw materials and production of competitive products with high added value. On the territory of FEZ has registered 33 companies for projects.
Along with the socio-economic issues focusing on the environment. In Karaganda Regional Ecological operates a museum that holds a lot of work to raise environmental awareness and government agencies. The purpose of the museum is an active community involvement in environmental activities, the development of cooperation between the state and the public to address environmental problems.
- Favorable investment climate, a rich resource base, strategically advantageous geographical location of our field have created good conditions for cooperation in various sectors of the economy and humanitarian sphere, - said Aelgazi Kusainov.
In his response, made Elizabeth Millard. 


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