Presentation of the project on gasification of settlements

This company sells stand-alone gasification projects, heating and water supply individual houses, commercial buildings (restaurants, cafes, hotels), agro-industrial complexes, townships and towns "turnkey". It uses, taking into account the climatic conditions of Kazakhstan, the latest energy saving technology, widely used in Europe, USA, South-East Asia.
The aim of this project yavlyaetsyaobespechenie population environmentally friendly, relatively cheap and effective form of fuel - gas utility based on the associated petroleum liquefied gas (a mixture of propane and butane).
The project involves the construction of gas storage capacity sufficient to ensure the smooth settlement of the gas taking into account the peak demand in winter for 15-20 days.
The technical solutions proposed laying of underground gazoprovodov.Dlya uninterrupted gas supply of the settlement provided for a mixed scheme (ring and stub) gas pipeline networks, which adopted a single-stage system.
For consumers who live in low-rise residential and small household consumers adopted a two-tier system of gas supply through individual wardrobe item that connects directly to the consumer of the gas distribution network with the installation of gas meters in explosion-proof enclosure with a pressure regulator.
The benefits of the project include the creation of additional jobs in the village, where it will be implemented, as well as the possibility of using modern gas heating equipment, providing comfort accommodation at an affordable price.
Mayor instructed the heads of relevant agencies to explore the feasibility of the project in the settlements of the region. 


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