Mayor of Abelgazi Kusainov acquainted with the development of health care in the region

Head of Regional Department of Health Erdenbay Abilkasimov told the head of the region that, until recently, the functional units clinic serving 50,000 people, located in several buildings, located at a considerable distance from each other. Both patients were forced to move from building to building, which caused inconvenience people. In addition, it is difficult for continuity between medical units. Now, when the new clinic is built, with 450 visits per shift, patients can receive the necessary amount of care, almost without leaving the building.
The total project cost is $ 976 million tenge, and this amount includes 240 million tenge allocated from the national budget for purchase of modern equipment. The clinic has branches prevention, general practitioners, advisory, diagnostic, rehabilitation and day hospital places and 22 ambulatory surgery center. The clinic will operate 92 doctors and 200 nurses, and reception will take place at 17 medical specialties.
Akim of the region familiar with the work of an information system registry, examined the X-ray room, an outpatient surgery center, offices of otolaryngology, ophthalmology and other divisions.
Then a conversation with the employees of the regional head of the clinic and the heads of several medical facilities in Karaganda.
Abelgazi Kusainov congratulated them on the opening of the new clinic, and noted that all conditions for patients and staff. He also outlined a number of objectives to promote health, arising from the Message of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, "Socio-economic modernization - the main vector of development of Kazakhstan." 


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