Dolls talking in Kazakh

On the shelves of local stores appeared dolls that speak in Kazakh. Company releases them, "Ball of the ball."
The seller has pressed the button and the toy ounce, a symbol of the Asian Games, played on lute kui Kurmangazy dog sang a song "Aқbұlaқ" and danced the Bunny "Қamazhay." In the shopping center "Mega Aktobe" the presentation of toys "Ball of the ball." Especially for this profit in Aktobe Kazakh-known artists, the author of Kydyrali Bolmanov and Karakat Abildina.
- Aktobe road for me - says Kydyrali Bolmanov. - Here I gave my first concert. Because familiarity with the project and decided to start from Aktobe. I express my gratitude for the warm welcome akim of Archimedes Muhambetovu.
Toys made in China's cities Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Unfortunately, in our country there are no such plants.
- But in Kazakhstan opened its assembly plant - says Kydyrali Bolmanov. - Toys have a European quality certificate. Checked and the national center of expertise and standardization.
Prototypes of some of the samples were characters of Kazakh folklore. Tazsha ball, Aldar Kose now become the kids toys and will sing them with modern Kazakh songs. Cost dolls very different - from 2900 to 9000 tenge.
- We - the first in Central Asia, who issued dolls that speak in their native language. Demand for them is - it's proven marketing research. You can, of course, would agree with the "cheap" plants, but then it would be affected quality. Over time we intend to reduce prices - says Kydyrali Bolmanov.
- The first estimate gives the toys our children - joined in the conversation Karakat Abildina. - Youngest, though not said yet, but leads her little hands to the music, strumming IRBIS.
In total, the company "Ball Ball" produced 30 types of toys (90 thousands). In the wide range they are in Aktobe department stores and supermarkets.


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қума ауру
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