the town exhibition on decoratively-applied creativity “Ulystyn uly kuni – Nauryz”

Exhibition on decoratively-applied creativity “Ulystyn uly kuni – Nauryz” was organized on the 22.03.2011 at the Ualikhanov street, with the aim of developing and keeping national traditions and technologies in the sphere of decoratively-applied art, aesthetic taste, and upbringing of high spirituality, inculcation of love to the native land, its customs, traditions and ceremonies.
All the town schools, boarding establishments presented their works executed in various genres, materials and techniques of decoratively-applied creativity at the exhibition. Presented works were various and differed on specifics: embroidery, beads weaving, products from a skin, batic, application, sculpture, scrappy sewing, patten knitting, weaving and Gobelin. By the aesthetic criteria all hand-made articles were in interesting forms, with correctly chosen colour score, differed originality of a plan, complexity and quality of manufacturing. In total 57 works were presented at the exhibition.
Schools №4, 5, 10, 17 presented their design breadboard models at the exhibition “4 seasons”.
Watch among representatives of schools №16, 15, 4, 5, 10, 17, lyceum №2 was organized: 1 teacher and 4 pupils in national costumes.
More than 1000 citizens visited the exhibition.


14.03.2012, 18:07
фу почему они не но писали о главном


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