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The long-awaited victory ... After last season, many doubted in the combat capability of the team, especially after the departure of a cult figure in recent years - the head coach of Dmitry Ogaya. Who came to replace him, Ravil Sabitov, although considered a relatively respectable and experienced mentor (he led the youth team of Russia), but still in doubt: whether he can properly motivate, to configure players, who for several years were on the verge of gold medals? Nevertheless, the Russian expert was able to establish on the basis of the old new team and breathe into it a second life.Freshness was added and action team leaders Nurbol Zhumaskalieva and Ulugbek Bakaev. "Kostanay couple" inject into the gate rivals nor little nor a lot of 31 goals, and established itself on the first-second line in the list of scorers. To the court came and "Limit" the youth, from which you can select Aktobe Sanat Shalekenova. In my opinion, a key episode in the first part of the championship was the away win kostanaytsev in Aktobe 3:1. Outdo the defending champion, and yes even on the road, what other incentive can charge more team? When the first detachment of six northerners from the closest pursuer was 12 points. In the autumn the team began fall, and was followed by several defeats, while "Aktobe" reached the peak of his form. By the way, remember the fiasco of the game "Tobol" in the European League and Cup in Kazakhstan? I do not presume to say, but quite possibly, the team simply "merged" these games in order to maintain force to achieve its main goal - winning the title. It is not known, because this or not, but if the "eternal contenders" chased by three rabbits, the chance to become the champions they were clearly there would be less. Here we are not talking about a special setup coach to surrender the game. "The point in the subconscious of players, they seem to prefer not to risk it and chose a bird in the hand, Kojima was the title. This assumption is indirectly confirmed by the fact that neither the club nor the coaching staff or the players themselves did not express particular dissatisfaction with the early departure kostanaytsev of both tournaments. Ending the season allowed to question the superiority of "Tobol" above the rest, especially after the devastating home defeat against Aktobe. But, nevertheless, 12-point gap between earned previously been used, as they say, to the fullest. The last three matches wards Ravil Sabitova spent literally on the veins, but still came together and managed to avoid losses and kept the difference of one point to finish the championship. The first in the history of Kostanay club win the championship generates a lot of fans among domestic issues. Chief among them: whether kostanaytsy not to drop the brand "Aktobe" in the international arena? Lost his sight at the start This season for Aktobe de jure can be considered a failure: the team has not won the Commonwealth Cup, did not come out in the group stage of UEFA club competition, failed to win the Cup of Kazakhstan, finally, finished the championship in second place. But in fact, everywhere our club was close to completing the tasks he can say, did not have quite a bit. In the first round of Aktobe Karaganda gave away to Shakhtar on the road (0:2), and gave unconditionally. In that match the home team were faster, higher, stronger. Many have written off the then fail to nesygrannost team and push the preparations for the Commonwealth Cup. Those reasons were instructions and after the home defeat to archrival - Kostanay "Tobol" (1:3). It is fair to note that forced preparation for the Commonwealth Cup yet manifested itself; typing good shape by mid-January to mid first round of the first part of the championship, our players were exhausted to the limit. From this and was losing precious points after a single class, even in Kazakhstan, do not beat all. Another cause of loss of spectacle, but in the second round of the championship was the first ... Konstantin Golovskoy. Shone last season, former Spartak, author goals against the Dutch "Ajax" and many others, this year was a shadow of himself.Playmaker "Aktobe" not only "brake" the attack of his team and did not take part in defensive actions, but also, to put the football slang, generally went "walking" in the field. "Thanks" Golovskoy our rivals were busy in midfield and dictate its terms. Quite naturally, Vladimir Mukhanov Constantine translated as backup staff. It is also not conducive to winning the championship part Aktobe in summer Euro Cup campaign. Six hard match fell on a very busy schedule of games in the championship. It is seen excessive principled leadership of the Football Federation of Kazakhstan. Its secretary general Sayan Hamitzhanov rather cynically that "for the sake of Aktobe carry the game no one will, they say, in Europe," Barcelona and Real are used to playing on the second day of the third. In this functionary had forgotten that the same FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, in contrast to Kazakhstan, have two equal-ended. After appearing in a team of African legionaries her game gained some color. Khalifa Ba, though wrong, but still enough to function effectively (the game with Hapoel does not count). Alan Bono has very cleverly worked in the destruction of enemy attacks, and Titi Essomba has become a real favorite of local Torcida. Unfortunately, visa problems and physical education was not allowed to Essomba and Ba involved in the fight until the middle of summer, but if the trio will remain at the club next season, the team will only gain. Assessing the defensive line of Aktobe, you can come to no-one conclusion. On the one hand the team for missing balls divides the fourth to sixth places with "Irtysh" and "Shakhtar" (both 30 goals conceded), on the other Aktobe scored the most goals and this seems to be to close our eyes to minus figures.However, there has been a lot of personal mistakes. Take Captain Samat Smakova. Yes, he was a leader on the field, led all along, a lot of scoring, and his goals were crucial, repeatedly tore portions of applause for the spectacular action, but as the defender does not just prevent gross miscalculations, "bringing" his goals. The same applies to almost all defencists Aktobe (except, perhaps, Yuri Mokrousov and Emile Kenzhisarieva).The reason is simple: nesygrannost at the initial stage of the championship and loss of concentration in some episodes.Lacked it, and goalie Andrei Sidelnikov. With ten goals conceded entirely within its conscience. The middle line in connection with the "transition" to take a few Golovskoy lost in attacking potential. Agree, Andrei Karpovich did not pull on the role of playmaker, Alan Bono, even more so.More or less suitable for this role Darabaev Aslan, but he's too young, inexperienced and failed to open only during the second round of the championship. Experienced Vladimir Mukhanov find a way out - occasionally threw Kenzhisarieva in center field, ie, Emil went as nominal wing back, along with Eugene Averchenko "plied" the left flank, but at the same time often shifted to the right, artificially creating it a numerical advantage. The whole season was feverish Murat Tlesheva. Top scorer last season, has not been able to please fans of balls scored in the present, and made it closer to the end of the championship.However, if you remember his goals in European competition, the doubt in a class of Murata is not necessary. Good investment made Aktobe in between circles. Instead, Sergei Strukova (so as not to exceed the limit on foreign players) in the arrangement of four-time champion appeared Ivan Peric. For a long time due to injury Serb could not show their best qualities, but once healed, "sore", it immediately began to hammer. I think, in the 2011 season, he will certainly enhance the game now ex-champion. Why do stalled the rest? Following the "Tobol" and "Aktobe" finished Pavlodar Irtysh.East Kazakhstani team proved to be sturdy, and even led the way for some time, but they simply do not have the strength and experience, why they allowed themselves to circumvent those who are really strong. Slightly differently folded over from the capital "Locomotive". Astanchane flubbed the beginning of the championship, then gathered and gave almost dvadtsatimatchevuyu unbeaten run. However, it was not enough to occupy even the third place. The fifth and sixth places went to Atyrau and Shakhtar, respectively. Zapadnokazahstantsev for itself back in the top six is a great achievement, so none of them did not express particular claim on a medal. Another thing Shakhtar, who started very briskly, but then a lot of mangled wood and eventually "blown away" long before the finish, thus becoming the supplier of points for applicants to six, which he locked. At the bottom of the standings alone looked Zhetysu and Ordabasy, once occupied the seventh and eighth lines. A little later, in ninth place, and along with a guaranteed residence in the Premier League has provided a "Taraz". Kairat, "Akzhayik and Okzhetpes" to the latest rounds of fighting for a place under the sun. In the end, won this right only to Almaty citizens and residents of the Urals and kokshetaustsy leave the Premier League. In the spring to replace them come ustkamenogorsky "East" and Kyzylorda "Kaisar". Askhat KALZHANOV


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